Hot Tubs
Grand Canyon
Jets - 50
Seating - 6    
Capacity - 1060 litres
231 x 231 x 89 cm
£6,995.00 inc VAT
Jets - 42
Seating - 5    
Capacity - 1060 litres
208 x 208 x 89 cm
£6,295.00 inc VAT
Jets - 30
Seating - 5    
Capacity - 1049 litres
213 x 182 x 86 cm
£5,295.00 inc VAT
Saffron Walden, Essex 01799 516727
Our Premium Leisure Hot Tubs have many of the same features found in hot tubs sold at much higher prices, making ownership of a Premium Leisure Hot Tub exceptional value.

Premium Leisure Hot Tubs are produced with Superior Construction beyond what the eye can see, every Hot Tub is constructed using the finest components and expert craftsmanship throughout. From the use of Lucite's™ world recognized and luxurious acrylic surface to the utilization of a custom molded plastic bottom to protect the home owners deck or patio, Premium Leisure Hot Tubs do not skimp on the quality
and construction of its hot tubs… Pressure treated wood substructure, maintenance friendly synthetic cabinets and a heavy duty thermo cover are all components that will insure you a lifetime of hot tubs enjoyment.
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